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Proximity Card Rack

Proximity Card Rack

$110.00 ex GST

Proximity Card Rack - 40 Card Capacity

- Strong ABS plastic construction
- Use indoor/outdoor
- Holds up to 40 think or thin proximity/mag-stripe/bar-code cards
- Screws and wall plugs included
- Light gray colour

Time card racks can be wall mounted next to your bundy clock system to hold your employee time cards. Specifically designed for bundy cards, these time card racks come in a range of capacities in a plastic, expandable format for ease of installation. With only 2 screws required to install an ABS plastic time card rack, you can easily install this accessory yourself. Keeping your bundy clock time cards stored neatly, these racks make it easy for employee's to find their bundy clock time card. Mount one time card rack either side of your Bundy Clock system to see 'who's in/who's out'.

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