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ATS Bundy Clock

$250.00 ex GST

The ATS Bundy Clock is the most affordable time clock in Australia.  It has all the features of the big brands at a fraction of the price.  The ATS Bundy Clock is suitable for every business and will easily handle up to 100 employees.  Employees can easily bundy on/off for work using the time card, the bundy clock prints their start and stop times neatly on a weekly time card.  Automate your time sheets with a ATS Bundy Clock
  • Clear digital time clock display
  • 6 column weekly time card printing, allows for up to 6 times recorded per day per employee.
  • Automatic column shifting or manual column selection.  The ATS Bundy Clock can be programmed to print in the correct column using preset times, or simply press the in/out buttons to select the column
  • Daylight saving programming included
  • 2 colour printing, red and black ink ribbon.  Red can be setup to print for late times
  • Lockable cover to protect settings
  • 12 months back-to-base warranty
  • Backup battery included to keep clock functioning during power outage.
  • Free in-store programming. We fully program any settings you require into your ATS Bundy Clock, simply plug it in to a power point when it arrives and it's ready to use!

Bundy clocks remain the trusted employee time clock device today.  Due to it's simplicity, reliability and ease of use, a bundy clock can easily record your employees time sheets for years to come.

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Reviews for ATS Bundy Clock
4.8 out of 5, based on 33 reviews
Natasha from PT Automation Solutions Pty Ltd - QLD on Jun 08, 2017
Fantastic. Thank you
Trudy from Drilling Solutions (SA) Pty Ltd on Jun 08, 2017
4 Stars
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