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PayTek Payroll Software

$579.00 ex GST

PayTek is a small business payroll application.  It provides everything you need to manage your payroll.  You can also run multiple payrolls for any number of employees.  PayTek has been designed and developed in Australia to work with the Australian PAYG system.

Key Features:
Enquiry screen allows you to review every item on an employees paylip.
Reports layouts are clear and easy to understand.
Unique After-the-event option to allow accountants to quickly process payrolls at year end for reconciliation and payment summary printing/lodgement.
Payment Summaries can easily be printed for all employee types.

Other Features:

Email Payslips to employees
Print key reports showing Superannuation Payable
and withholding tax. 
Automatically prints the quarterly employee advice letters.
  *  Accrues leave based on hours or percentage of amount earned.
 Automatically import your Time Sheets from Aussie Time Sheet software. No manual data entry of work hours or leave time.
Free initial support, and ongoing support available Australia-wide.

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