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DR2000 Touch-free Facial Recognition Time Clock

$350.00 ex GST

Touch-Free Facial Recognition and Voice Control Time Clock

The uAttend DR2000 provides a revolutionary touch-free clocking experience. Eliminate shared surfaces by allowing your employees to clock in using the sound of their voice! Featuring integrated voice recognition and advanced facial identification.

Clock in and out for shifts, breaks, lunches, department transfers and job tracking with simple voice commands! Eliminate shared surfaces with voice-controlled clocking and navigate the time clock menu completely touch-free. We recommend placing the time clock in a room with low to medium background noise.

The same DR2000 clock, plus an optional temperature reader to help you manage workplace safety. Manage workplace safety by recording your employees’ temperature as part of your attendance records. Designate a temperature lockout threshold and the time clock will prevent punching for employees that meet or exceed this number.

The DR2000 time clocks require an affordable monthly subscription. The time clock will not function without a subscription. Enjoy access to the uAttend cloud and mobile app, lifetime warranty on hardware, lifetime data storage, free software upgrades, and unlimited customer and technical support Monday-Friday. Subscriptions start as low as $28 p/month.

  • Biometric Clocking – Facial recognition authentication
  • Voice Recognition - Basic and advanced voice-controlled clocking
  • Multiple Authentication Options – RFID Card and PIN clocking also supported
  • Plug n Play Setup – Easily setup in seconds using WiFi or LAN connections
  • Real-Time or Offline – Works in any environment online and offline
  • Temperature reader optional extra – Contact-free temperature scanning
  • Eliminate shared surfaces with voice command clocking
  • Avoid buddy punching with facial recognition identification
  • Encourage workplace safety with an optional built-in temperature reader

Cloud Software:

The uAttend time & attendance system is cloud-based which provides great flexibility to clock in and access employee attendance data from any part of the world. Great for where you have multiple locations, all connect to the one account with no tricky networking. All data is stored online and easily accessible from uAttend user-friendly cloud-based system for editing, reconciliation and exporting data to use for payroll.

Easily get started, choose your web account plan, based on the number of active employees that will use the system, and your cloud timesheet account is active within seconds. No contracts, pay by the month with a very low monthly fee.

  • Handy dashboard to help you track missed clockings, who’s in, and time-off requests.
  • Multiple reports and analytics to help you manage your workforce more effectively.
  • Employee Scheduling - assign employees to positions, create shifts, then fill by the role as needed.
  • Access data anywhere 24/7, from any internet-connected device. PC/Mac/Tablet/Phone compatible
  • Speed up your day - export employee hours in seconds to your payroll system
  • Job Tracking - Track two levels of job details and get accurate job reports to be used for invoicing or records.
  • Optional alerts for overtime and late punches.
  • Nothing to install on your desktop - complete cloud-based solution.

uAttend Employee Management System Demonstration 

uAttend Employee Management System Demonstration 

Employee App Clocking:

Get the Cloud without the Clock. Looking for a mobile app clocking solution and don’t need a time clock? No problem. The uAttend system allows employees to clock from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The uAttend Mobile App includes excellent features your employee will love and all accessible from the convenience of their smartphone. The employee and manager app is included free with your uAttend subscription.

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