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ProFace-X, Face & Palm Recognition, Outdoor, Waterproof Time Clock

$1,500.00 ex GST

Key Features:
  • 8" Colour Touchscreen
  • IP68 Waterproof Rated
  • Fast Facial and Palm Recognition Clocking
  • Visible Light Facial Recognition, suitable for outdoor use
  • Mask Detection, facial verification available with masks
  • Liveness detection distinguishes live employees from photos or videos
  • Flush Wall-mount Installation, must be installed by an electrician
  • Connect via Ethernet or WiFi Connectivity
  • Store up to 30,000 Face Templates and up to 5,000 Palm Templates
  • Integrated with our Time and Attendance software Workforce TNA
  • 12-month replacement warranty
  • Please contact us for availability

    The ProFace-X Time Clock stores all your employee’s time logs in its internal memory, where your Workforce TNA software retrieves the data calculating timesheet and ready to report for payroll.

    Facial and palm recognition technology makes the clock completely contactless. With rapid recognition speed employees can clock in for work in under 1 second. The time clock is waterproof and is suitable to use outdoors.

    Mask identification technology will identify if someone is wearing a face mask if it is required to be worn in your workplace. Reduce the risk of infection and minimise the spread of germs with the ProFace-X. The time clock is perfect for workplaces, including hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, airports, stations, and other public areas.

    Workforce TNA is our powerful Enterprise level web application, with no monthly cloud fees. Workforce TNA makes managing your growing workforce easy! The ProFace-X, Face & Palm Recognition, Outdoor, Waterproof Time Clock works only with our Workforce TNA software package.

    Software Features Include:

    • Fast, live data available on your PC, tablet or mobile
    • Multiple calculations for easy award interpretation
    • Direct payroll integration with major payroll providers
    • Temperature detection reporting and email notifications
    • Scheduled email reporting and instant notifications of changes to your workforce
    • Easy to use employee app available on iPhone and Android
    • Employee leave requests and self-service features

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